Wedding Photo & Video

Editing Service

When you need reliable and creative wedding photo and video editing, we are here to provide a full range of services including: full length edited video, music video, DVD motion menus, blu ray disc authoring, disc printing and full color printed disc cases.

Video & Photo Editing

Our creative editors will transform your footage into DVDs, Blu rays and web videos. We take your project from concept to production, including disc authoring and duplication. Please watch the videos to take a quick look at what we can offer!                      Call 248 514 0705

Not just weddings

We would love to discuss any photography or video related project
that you, your clients or your company may need. Let us give you a quote on editing, duplication, graphic design, DVD authoring and more. Call 248 514 0705


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On the photography side, we provide a full range of image editing services, including color correction, resizing, blemish removal and any other Photoshop work you may need.